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It's important to eat about every 3-4 hours, especially during the luteal phase. Keeping blood sugar levels steady will help you from getting too hungry or hypoglycemic. Snack mostly on healthy fruits and vegetables. Prepare snacks ahead of time so you can take them with you to work or have them on hand if you get hungry.

Ideas for snacks:

Any 1/2 to 1 cup serving of fruit or vegetables on the foods to include listings.

Any organic plain yogurt 6oz-8oz, switch to non-dairy yogurt during luteal phase (add your own fruit, nuts and berries to sweeten, stevia is okay).

Any baked organic tofu 1-2oz plus fruit or vegetable (watch for soy sensitivity)

1 serving or 1/2 cup of whole grain cooked quinoa plus a fruit or vegetable

12-15 raw almonds, 5-6 walnut halves, or 1 oz of pumpkin seeds.

A hard-boiled egg and a few baby carrots

Left-overs from lunch or dinner- ex. (1/2 cup of cooked vegetables &